Derma-planing is a form of manual exfoliation that temporarily removes dead skin and vellus peach fuzz on the face leaving the skin bright, smooth and hydrated. It allows for better absorption and results of topical serums and professional treatments.

New Client Skin Prep and Consultation – (60 minutes) $70 During this appointment we will set up an appropriate treatment plan based on your skincare goals. Using appropriate home-care products is very important and must be used before or after your first skincare treatment. These products will be selected for you based on your unique skin type and concerns. 50% of your results will come from the home-care and the other 50% of the results will be from your professional treatments with your esthetician. Commitment and compliance will be assessed to ensure maximum results and patient satisfaction will be reached. Treatments and product not included.

Ultraglow Derma-Planing Facial – (60 minutes) $165 This luxurious facial treatment removes vellus peach fuzz and is intended for clients seeking hydration rescue, pore decongestion, pigment fading, age defense and complexion brightening results.

Advanced Alpenglow Treatment with Derma-Planing – (60 minutes) $185 This power treatment begins with a derma-planing exfoliation, papaya enzyme and 1 layer of 6% niacinamide treatment for lightening, brightening, and tightening. The result is an ageless radiance capable of moving mountains.

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*extractions are included with all treatments.