“One of the hardest things about moving is leaving all your people that know you and that you’ve built an amazing relationship through continued business (I’m talking your hair guy, your nails girl, etc). coming from D.C., I was a sold out threader all the way. after hopping around the few places in colorado springs that offered threading (so few!) and getting my brows ruined a few times, I read all of the reviews about Alpenglow and decided to swallow my threading pride and give waxing a try. Needless to say, I have found my girl. Courtney is phenomenal. the care and time and precision she takes with a simple eyebrow appointment (sometimes half an hour!) is enough to make sure nobody else ever touches my brows. She not only took my beat up eyebrows and reshaped them into beautiful new ones that I hardly even have to fill in, but her technique has reduced me from having to get weekly waxings to monthly. you know she’s legit if you’re not coming in as often and your brows are getting thicker! with 11 years of school (seriously, eyebrow school!) and business, she has made a serious career out of shaping people’s brows. I love this girl and what she does. She cares about each of her clients so dearly and is changing lives! don’t you dare try any other place.”
– Courtney , Colorado Springs, CO

“If only I could give more stars! Courtney has done wonders to my skin in a very short amount of time. I have melasma as well as fine lines, congestion and a lack of a healthy looking complexion. I knew I needed to do something so I looked around and came across Alpenglow skin spa. I immediately booked an appointment based on the positive reviews I read and was able to meet with Courtney very quickly. I explained my issues and she told me about her process, a bit about her background and what a course of action would be for me to get my skin in better condition. She cleaned, extracted and then applied a peel. I also purchased the products she recommended and immediately stopped my skincare routine at home. Over the next 4 weeks, I noticed my skin becoming clearer, more bright, my melasma fading and just a more youthful look. My next appointment with her she cleansed, extracted, dermaplaned and applied a different peel. The next day my skin felt like velvet! I couldn’t stop touching my face! Over the last week my skin had improved even more and I am so happy with the results. I definitely recommend her and will continue to utilize her services.”
– Amber , Colorado Springs, CO

“I have had my eyebrows waxed and tinted before but I’ve never ever had them done so perfectly. She took her time, we connected, she was incredibly sincere in wanting to make me look my “prettiest” – which is exactly what I needed. I’m in awe of her work. I hate to say it but I can’t stop looking at my eyebrows. The shape. The tint! No one has ever come close to her. Very grateful for her services.”– Sarah, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“She did my brazilian wax in less than 15 minutes! Her expert speed waxing technique was fast, precise and barely hurt at all. She is the best waxer in the city with a great local small business!” – Sarah, Colorado Springs, CO

“A true brow whisperer!”
– Jennifer, Colorado Springs, CO

“Her PCA Peels and home-care products have completely healed my acne lesions, with NO downtime. Expert skin typing and recommendations! I trust her with the health of my skin and wouldn’t risk going to anyone else.”
– Haden, Colorado Springs, CO

“You are a miracle worker! I don’t think my skin has ever looked this good! The best facial I have ever had. I got carded today with barely any makeup on! Happy 38 to me! Thanks girl.
– Shannon, Colorado Springs, CO

“Thanks for my rosacea skin treatment! Miracle cure! I have seen results in two days using the products you recommended that I was never able to get with antibiotics and pharmaceutical creams prescribed by my dermatologist.”
– Don, Crestview, FL

“After losing my eyebrows to Chemo treatments…Courtney was the only one I’d trust to shape the new growth. I LOVE them! Thank you for the beautiful shaping…U Rock!”
– Tracey, Colorado Springs, CO

“I gotta give a shout out to my girl, Courtney Cunard at Alpenglow Skin Spa. I’ve been going to her for over 2 years for my brow shaping/eyelash tinting/brazilian waxing, and just brought in my boyfriend Ian for his very first gentleman’s brow shaping/back waxing. Her westside studio is close (18th st. and W. colorado ave.), serene and beautiful. She’s amazing, professional, personable and has the best products available. I can only say this about her brazilian waxing: she is meticulous, a speed waxer extraordinaire, and the results are long lasting with zero maintenance.”
– Anna, Colorado Springs, CO

“I have perfect-well great skin because of Courtney. I have been a client for 5+ years and I can’t believe the change in my skin. The one amazing this that stands out about Courtney’s service is consistency. It is so great to have excellent service, care and product, every single time!”
– Tiffany, Colorado Springs, CO

“Her PCA peels and Epicuren facials have reduced my melasma, hyperpigmentation, and evened out my skin tone. I love the PCA pigment Gel and weightless spf 45 in my home care routine that maximizes my benefits. If you want results for this tricky skin care problem, see the expert herself! Thanks so much for your great care. Your waxing skills are amazing!”
– Jessica, Colorado Springs, CO

“Courtney is incredible, I’ve had several brazilian waxes, and she gave me the best one I’ve had. She’s so fast, thorough and less painful than the others. Great results!”
– Glorie, Colorado Springs, CO

“Receiving monthly facials has made my skin smooth, glowy and younger looking, I’m aging in reverse thanks to Courtney’s expertise and Epicuren products. The Cinnamon Enzyme Peel will wow your skin immediately, nothing like it, and I’ve tried everything!”
– Mary, Colorado Springs, CO

“Courtney Cunard (owner and operator) of Alpenglow Skin Spa is the absolute best brow artist that I have ever experienced. She is a licensed esthetician who is extremely skilled in her craft and does amazing work. Courtney uses a unique technique to sculpt, shape and maintain my eyebrows, and when she is done – I always look and feel my best!
– Terry, Colorado Springs, CO

“OMG – You are a face saver! Until i saw the before and after photos, I didn’t realize how far we’d come!!! I have seen maximum results in smoothing out my stage 4 acne and scarring. I get offered free facials at top spa’s around the world for my job, and I will never stray from you, or the gold standard PCA peels and product!
– Angela, Colorado Springs, CO

“Courtney is truly talented! She gave me a facial a few days before my wedding and I could not have looked any better for my big day. She truly knows the products she uses and made sure that she used the right ones for my skin so I could have that healthy bridal glow! She also walked me through my first arm wax. I couldn’t believe how painless it was and how smooth my skin felt afterwards! Courtney is an artist!”
– Brandy, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Courtney is the best facialist. I went to her 6 months up to my wedding and really noticed the difference. Not only was it such a relaxing and informative experience, but I left feeling as though my skin was GLOWING! Which doesn’t happen very often! Since her moving to Colorado I have yet to find someone as good.”
– Becca, San Diego, CA

“My name is Jacob Kelly and I am a licensed professional body worker (which is along the same lines of being an esthetician), so I know what it takes to meet people’s needs in this intimate setting. Trust and Professionalism go hand in hand, and you have to do a good job and treat people right. Courtney knows how to earn your trust and keep you coming back to her, because she DOES treat you right. Courtney is caring and knowledgeable, as well as great at what she does. My experience with her getting my facial was one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of facial or waxing services.”
– Jacob, Colorado Springs, CO

“Before I met Courtney I always had to pencil in my brows and they had little shape. Now I see her every 3 weeks and she shapes them into their perfect arch and tints them dark brown. No more filling them in! It’s amazing how different they look and how many compliments I get on them. I’m so happy with her work.”
– Carolyn, Colorado Springs, CO

“I was in a predicament and running out of time. Planning a Spring ski trip to the Rockies I knew I needed a back waxing after a long winter. A waxed back not only looks better but it feels great too! Well, due to an extremely long day at work before my trip I had to cancel my back waxing appointment in Dallas. Knowing I’d be travelling through Colorado Springs on the way to the mountains, I quickly did an internet search and found Alpenglow Skin Spa. Within minutes of perusing the Alpenglow website, and what a great website it is, I sent a short email describing my situation and requested an appointment for the following day. Courtney replied almost immediately and from there it was perhaps the best example of Customer Service I’ve ever experienced. She fit me in as promised and I received, by far, the best back waxing I’ve ever had! Courtney is experienced, professional, and friendly. And to top it off her rates are extremely reasonable. Next time I’m in town I will schedule another back waxing with Courtney but will try to plan ahead a little bit better!
– Tom, Dallas, TX

“Courtney is truly the best brow-artist! I have lived in many different states in the USA but have not met such a talented brow-artist and Esthetician as Courtney. I get compliments on my eye-brows all the time! Thank you so much for the amazing facials as well. My skin has truly transformed. The products Courtney is working with are great. My husband and I became addicted to Epicuren and PCA. All of her facials are wonderful but if you really like to get pampered try the “Epicuren facial.” It is definitely a red-carpet experience! Good job Courtney and congratulations on your 5th anniversary in business!”
– Timea, Colorado Springs, CO

“THANK YOU! You did an absolutely amazing job on my brows and I couldn’t be happier. The 2 1/2 years that lived here I have visited so many salons and been disappointed. It got to the point that I was bringing old pictures of myself from when I was getting my brows done in Las Vegas and trying to explain what I wanted. But I would still leave the salon so upset, with literally half my eyebrow gone. I am so lucky that I found you!! Brow shaping in an art form and you have mastered it!! I finally feel like myself again. You have a client for life.”
– Beth, Colorado Springs, CO

“Two years ago when I was visiting Colorado Springs, I had a facial by Courtney. It was the best facial I’ve ever had! Now whenever I come to visit, I make sure I have an appointment with Courtney. She takes special care in cleansing, massaging, and treating your skin with the best products on the market. I highly recommend Alpenglow Skin Spa! You won’t be disappointed!”
– Cheryl, Portage, MI

“The ORAC night cream by Epicuren literally helped to healed my dry adult acne, She always know exactly what products to recommend for maximum results!
– Audrey, Colorado Springs, CO

“Courtney is one of a kind! I always feel very well taken cared of. She makes you feel like you are important and that she genuinely cares about your skin care needs. I have been to a few different estheticians and Courtney by far is the best I have been to!”
– Shannon, Colorado Springs, CO

“Alpenglow Skin Spa has amazing high quality products and services that are catered to your personal needs. Courtney shapes my brows to perfection every time, and keeps my skin fresh all year long.”
– Kylie, Denver, CO

“My skin looks and feels amazing today! I forgot how fabulous you are at transforming my skin with the Classic Epicuren Facial! I can’t stop looking at my nose! The pores are gone! My skin looks flawless! “
– Cassie,
Colorado Springs, CO