Product Line

PCA Skin

A perfect compliment to Epicuren’s healing and nourishing system is PCA Skin, a medically based line with gentle yet effective blended TCA peel formulations from alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These progressive treatments gently and successfully treat skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, dry, oily, or sensitized skin with rosacea. Combat Colorado’s dry, intense climate with products that give instant results both visible and proven.


Epicuren Discovery

This revolutionary enzyme system, which slows the pace of dermal aging while speeding up cellular rejuvenation, is no longer only for exclusive Hollywood A-listers. This highly requested celebrity facial has been a secret among fashionistas and the fabulous for years, and is now available in Colorado Springs at Alpenglow Skin Spa.

The restorative and anti-aging properties of Epicuren are based on the scientific discovery that the insides of our mouths never age! These perfect, ageless skin cells constantly regenerate and never scar. Scientists from Epicuren then went into the lab and created synthetic protein enzymes for their products that mimic this activity, in essence, bringing the skin back to a more glowing, youthful state. These protein enzymes are what make Epicuren stand apart from other skin care lines that simply lubricate the surface of the skin. They are also similar to what hospital burn units have used on victims to speed up the rate at which the skin heals.

Discover the highest quality ingredients for glowing, hydrated skin from head to toe with both facial products, soothing shower gels, and after bath moisturizers.


Colorescience Pro-Mineral Makeup

This high tech make-up and sun protection uses micronized minerals such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxides to naturally color the skin without the use of oils, perfumes, dyes, alcohols, or harsh preservatives like other “so called” mineral lines. Unlike sticky sunscreen creams that clog the skin and absorb into the bloodstream, pure minerals lay gently on the surface of the skin creating an instant physical barrier from the sun. This keeps the skin cool and is ideal for protection against hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and skin cancer. A completely water-resistant make-up and sunscreen with all natural ingredients, superior camouflage ability, and light weight feel make Colorescience Pro an innovative leader in the make-up industry. Make the switch from department store and over-the-counter make-ups that are full of highly congesting chemicals, and allow your skin to reach its authentic, natural peak of beauty.